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Rectangular Duct – Tap – Beveled Revit MEP family

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Kyle to the rescue again. Revit MEP has a lot of Duct Fittings and Pipe Fittings. They may not all be loaded into the default project template, but you can load them in from your Imperial Library.
If you haven’t noticed yet, it is missing a Rectangular Beveled Tap.

(From Kyle)

This one has all sorts of bells and whistles, as I got engrossed with
fixing it one afternoon, and my trig hand was strong that day. It adheres to
SMACNA standards OOTB (Takeoff Length = 0.25 * Duct Width, 4″ Minimum), but allows you to override both the length and the angle if desired, so this is
really all that you need. To accomplish this, there are a bunch of nested IF
statements that drive the dimensions, have fun going through it if you’d

Below are some picks of some ducts that I connected using the Rectangular Beveled Tap Fitting.

From the AUGI thread, and if you an AUGI member, you can download this family by going to the link I posted.

On a side note, I loaded every Duct Fitting, and every Pipe Fitting from the Imperial Library in a template project, to see how large a file it would create, and the template project file was just under 20 meg with nothing modeled yet.


Written by sbrisk

August 27, 2008 at 5:36 pm

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